Accoutrements is on a mission to help women feel good.

Women are rockstars. We are the drivers of our lives, the unwavering support systems to our friends and the professional contributors and leaders that make the world go around. We serve.
We give our time, our compassion and our love effortlessly, to everyone around us, while often overlooking the one person at the centre of it all – us.

On a warm Sunday afternoon in May 2017 while our founder Heidi Fortes was settling in to relax and unwind she realized she was forgetting someone – her
Reflecting on the objects before her, she was suddenly struck by a spark of creativity that instantly ignited in her a commitment to a mission. 
A mission to help women feel their best in the moments just for them.

Accoutrements is a feeling. 
The feeling of sitting back and relaxing after a long day.
The feeling of a flickering light casting a soft, warm glow.
 The feeling of putting the finishing touch on a great outfit.
The feeling in those moments that are all your own.
We invite you on a journey with us.
 A journey into self-discovery.
Into a world created with you at the center. And to products that bring you beauty, self-love and appreciation.

It all begins with you


Founder – Heidi Fortes

Channeling the energy of Indiana Jones, Heidi is a world-adventurer, consumer of information and passionate student of life. Experiencing the first-hand benefits of living a mindful life, Heidi starts everyday with a 20 minute meditation, an 8 ounce glass of water, a quick vinyasa flow and a cup of dandelion tea with a scoop of collagen powder.

Social Media Manager – Raye Pernsteiner

Raye has a deep love and appreciation for social media. She also loves photography, fashion and writing – so basically all things Instagram. Raye is a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she studied Journalism and Digital Studies. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, listening to podcasts and playing with her dog Oliver.