5 Things to know before visiting a Cannabis Dispensary

This list will guide you on where to start for buying cannabis and cannabis accessories. For those who are curious about cannabis accessories and strains (Indica vs. Sativa), Accoutrements is here for you to make sure you have the best cannabis shopping experience.

Researching cannabis dispensaries online

1. Research dispensaries around you and read reviews 

    We recommend reading reviews online before going to a dispensary or retail cannabis shop. Reviews will help you choose where to buy your cannabis and cannabis accessories, and visiting the dispensary’s online website will provide photos to give you an understanding of the vibe. 

    The highest-rated shops are often featured on the Leafly List; these are generally going to have some of the best, most informed employees. 

    In California and Nevada, we particularly like the luxury feel of The Apothecarium, The Atrium, and Bud and Bloom. Each sell chic, designer cannabis accessories and strains for the female smoker. We also see MedMen as a trusted cannabis store, and it has many locations to choose from that are modelled after the Apple Store. 

    Swatches reflecting choice

    2. Research cannabis strain types and effects before going

      Know whether you want an Indica strain, Sativa strain, or Hybrid strain. Our blog post on each strain is a helpful resource, and Leafly also provides a helpful article on strains as well as CBD vs. THC.

      Understanding the differences between strains will help ensure you have a better, more predictable cannabis experience. If you are not sure which strain to pick for your cannabis experience, we recommend purchasing the smallest amount and testing a strain to see if it’s best for you.

      Women enjoying their experience

      3. Know how you want to consume 

        Do you want to smoke from a bong, a joint, or do you prefer oils or edibles? Understanding how you want your cannabis experience to be enjoyed is important. 

        If you are going for a relaxing smoking experience, we suggest purchasing a three-piece aluminum grinder, such as our pineapple or lotus grinder. Aluminum is safe, and easy to clean, and having the extra chamber means you can grind your cannabis finely, and collect the kief in the bottom chamber. This leads to the best smoking experience. 

        For a joint, we like to use a pre-rolled paper cone. These are best because they come with pretty designs, and are quick and easy to fill with cannabis. Just make sure the cone uses edible hempseed ink like ours, as it is safe to consume. 

        Accoutrements believes in an elevated cannabis experience, and you’ll want your accessories to be chic and discrete so they can sit out safely in your home. 

        Payment terminal for cash

        4. Bring cash and your ID 

          Know your cannabis budget. Although more dispensaries and retail shops are offering cashless ATM systems for purchasing, most cannabis shops remain cash only. Before you visit, check to see whether they accept cards or have an ATM onsite. Otherwise, be prepared and bring cash. This will help your purchase go as smoothly as possible. 

          Woman asking questions with attendant

          5. Ask Questions and don’t feel pressured

            You won’t need to be a stoner to get the best experience. You are not obligated to spend your money, especially if you are unsure about the product. Ask questions, and take your time to decide what accessories and strains you would like to purchase.

            If you follow these 5 steps, you will have a better, safer, more enjoyable cannabis buying experience!

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