Cannabis Weddings

Cannabis Weddings

Good food, good company, and a great occasion – why wouldn’t you want to include Cannabis into your wedding? Our mantra is integrating our chic accessories into any setting. Weddings are a special occasion, and you will want cannabis products that fit the classy aesthetic and provide a unique experience that is part of who you are.

Accoutrements designs chic, premium, and stunning cannabis accessories for your wedding. Our products seamlessly integrate into any environment and will sit well against any theme. They are also discrete, which means higher accessibility, especially if guests are not always comfortable with Cannabis.

How to Choose the Right Accessory

Yes – we’re biased. Our products are exactly what you’re looking for in a wedding setting. You want cannabis products that are beautiful but discrete. This accomplishes two things to keep your mind(s) at ease:

  1. They look beautiful in pictures and in any theme since they do not clash with your décor.
  2. Packaging and design mean products at your wedding are not in your guests faces, especially if they’re still uncertain or uncomfortable with cannabis.

We’ve found that taken into consideration both of these points result in a positive experience for all guests because people are more open to conversation rather than feeling they are being cornered.

Best Cannabis Strain for your Wedding

Weddings are celebratory! You will definitely want to consider a Sativa-dominant strain. You will also want to look for pre-rolled cones to control usage and ensure you’re able to quantify how much your guests are using. The best part: your guests are able to enjoy their experience, and the sense of community it will bring to your occasion.

What about Wedding Edibles?

Edibles can be a slippery slope. We recommend looking for an established baker with professional equipment and solid track record of delivering edible goods.

Having edibles in low potency is best to avoid any mishaps, and this will also ensure that you are taking into account your guests' overall tolerance as some are able to consume more than others.

Ensure that you have properly accommodated guests who do not want to consume cannabis edibles, and clearly mark which food items do not include cannabis.

Dealing with the Questions

It’s very likely some of your guests might be uncomfortable with Cannabis. You’ll want to ensure they understand what it is, and you’ll want to diffuse any stigma they bring about the plant. We believe in education through conversation. Our products help you with this because they are discrete and look the opposite of what people might associate with cannabis (i.e. stoner culture). At this point, they’ll feel more disarmed and open to discussion, and it helps your night go smoother since it’s not in their face. 

What are you waiting for!

If you’re planning your wedding and want to include cannabis wedding favors or wedding accessories, Accoutrements is perfect for you. Please contact us and let us and our chic cannabis accessories be apart of your special day.

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