420 Safe and Stylish Low Dose Alternatives

Looking to get in on the 4/20 action but like us you're up to your ears in commitments, work, and family? Not to worry, while there may only be a couple hours in the day to participate we have a few suggestions that may be the perfect safe and stylish, low dose fit for your busy schedule.


1) Enjoy a little 'high' tea 

There are many benefits to having "high" tea. First, there's the tea. We recommend choosing an infused tea like Mary's Wellness if you're in Canada or Kikoko for our friends south of the border. The other nice thing about infused tea is that unlike other edibles you don't need to wait an hour before it kicks in and, because THC isn't water-soluble the effects are less psychoactive. Night cap anyone?

2) Micro-dose joints

We are BIG fans of micro-dosing and there is absolutely no shame in stretching a joint out to 1 or even 2 weeks until finished. We suggest picking your favourite strain, ours is Girl Scout Cookies, getting together with a few people, and passing it around so that everyone get's a couple good tokes. If you're by yourself, taking a few pulls then putting it out and store the remainder in a smell proof container. It's a fantastic way to get what you need but not go overboard. 


3) Snack on low dose edibles

There is nothing like taking a low dose edible, making dinner and slowly starting to feel the high creep in just in time to sit down and eat some delicious food (our mouths are watering just thinking about it). If you are planning a night in this 4/20, we love the cannabis infused espresso beans from Terra. These delectable bad boys only have 5mg of THC per bite which is the perfect amount for anyone that doesn't consume often.  They'll leave you with a high that will be the quintessential background music to your evening while still leaving you completely in your wits to carry on your night. 

So gather up your besties, colleagues, partners, family or even just your fabulous self to celebrate this 4/20 safely and in style. And as always please consume and spark responsibly. 


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