Drying Your Herbs

While we are a conscious cannabis lifestyle company that special herb isn't the only one you can use our Accoutrements grinders with. So we'd thought we'd share some helpful tips for all of you out there who are enjoying all different types of herbs. 

Whether you have a bunch left over from a grocery shop or are taking them from your garden drying herbs is super easy.

There are 2 ways of drying your herbs, 1) air drying, and 2) in the oven. Use air drying for lower moister herbs like rosemary, oregano, dill. For higher moisture items like basil, chives, or mint it’s best to use the oven.

Whether in the oven or air drying make sure you remove any wilted pieces.

For Air Drying:

  • Get a few branches together (up to 10 or so) and tie them by using a string or rubber band. The smaller the bunch the faster they dry.
  • Put the herbs stem up in a paper bag. Tie the end of the bag closed and poke some small holes around the bag to allow for ventilation.
  • Hang the bag by the stem in a warm well-ventilated room.
  • Drying process should take roughly 1 week.

For Oven Drying:

  • Place herb leaves on a baking sheet.
  • Place them In an open on low heat (less than 180 degrees F). Leave in the open oven for 2-4 hours. If the leaves crumble easily they are dry.

With both methods, you’ll know the herbs are dry when leaves crumble easily. Store in labeled, dated airtight containers like canning jars, plastic storage containers or freezer storage bags. For best flavor, keep the leaves whole until you are ready to use them, then use your Accoutrements grinder to break the leaves down so you are ready to use them. Dried herbs are best used within a year.

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