Easy Edible Microdosing with Olive Oil

As we have written before microdosing is a safe and classy way to enjoy cannabis. One of the best and most delicious ways to easily microdose is by using edibles.  


Unlike the clip above we're going to show you some healthy and savory alternatives to the sweets we have commonly come to associate with edibles. 

The 3 edibles we have listed below are all wonderful healthy snack foods you can have as a prelude to a savory meal, or put out as appetizers for a dinner party or other social gathering. If you are microdosing for medical reasons you can even pack these up and snack on them at the office.

Healthier than edibles using butter each of our suggestions below involve the use of cannabis infused olive oil. For an even lower dosage we recommend infusing your olive oil with a lower THC strain like Fast Eddy, Harlequin, or ACDC. Lower THC strains will have less of a psychoactive effect but still maintain the relaxed and calming effects that CBD provides (check out our article on THC & CBD).  

Pesto stuffed cherry tomatoes

With this bite sized piece of heaven you need to use your cannabis infused olive oil when making your pesto. The low amount of oil in each bite allows for a safe and healthy way to get a light buzz while still able to be the life of the party. While some people bake this appetizer we recommend serving cold, especially if entertaining during the warmer months. 


A delicious appetizer staple that we suggest you use a drizzle of your cannabis olive oil over the bruschetta after you have placed your tomato, basil, onion, Parmesan mixture on the bread. 

Roasted Garlic

When done right roasted garlic can be spread like butter. That garlic taste is much less sharp and dare we say sinfully delicious. When making the roasted the garlic simply replace the regular olive oil you would use with your cannabis infused olive oil and you've got a low dose snack that is guaranteed to please.

If you like these snacks or have some healthy low does snack suggestions of your own let us know in the comments section below. 

Happy snacking and as always please consume responsibly. 



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