International Women's Day 2019: Cannabis

Happy International Women’s Day!

Statistics Canada has reported that 11.3% of women have self-reported to using cannabis at least once in the past three months, and we at Accoutrements feel that women are imperative to driving change in the stigma around cannabis, specifically when it comes medical and health benefits.

Preference to Health

A study by Deloitte initiated the conversation about changing demographics and trends in cannabis, with the new consumer being highly educated, aged 35-54, and likely to consume less than once per month. The study also highlighted that respondents used cannabis to relax, sleep, or reduce stress and anxiety, and that for women in particular, 74 percent said they used cannabis for relaxation or sleep, compared to 59 percent of men, and 69 percent of women did so for stress or anxiety relief, versus 55 percent of men. Women also reported using cannabis for medical reasons such as acute pain relief.

Influence on Branding

Furthermore, women represent a huge segment of the consumer market. While representing approximately 51% of the adult population, women account for an estimated $7 trillion in spending, and make or influence 85% of all consumer purchases. Even more important, women purchase premium and luxury-leaning brands from a place of empathy over status.

It’s no wonder a recent report by CIBC highlighted that branding will be a key differentiator to the maturing cannabis market. Brands will need to create a premium experience for the new consumer.

This is why at Accoutrements, our mission is to create an approachable and luxurious experience for new or existing cannabis users.

So, to women everywhere, we say celebrate your power, both individually and collectively, and remember to #LiveLuxuriously.

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