More Life for Cannabis in Canada

Drake Cheering

Per our previous post on the year-in-review, and what's to come with respect to branding, Aubrey Drake Graham, best known as hip-hop artist Drake, partnered with Canadian cannabis giant Canopy Growth this week to launch the More Life Growth Company cannabis producer in Graham's hometown of Toronto.

Strong Cannabis Roster

Canopy now has a strong roster of celebrity partnerships, which boasts the likes of Martha Stewart and Seth Rogen, and now includes the music industry's biggest star, Drake. In addition, they recently released a CBD performance line in partnership with Biosteel that features top athletes across all sports, including Conor McDavid, Andrew Wiggins, Ezekiel Elliot, and Eugenie Bouchard.

Did Drake Expose a Cannabis Marketing Loophole?

What's interesting about the Canopy Growth partnership is that it isn't an endorsement deal with the Artist; instead Drake is the majority owner of a company that has a license from Health Canada, which oversees all cannabis regulation in Canada.

This is an important detail about the cannabis partnership because some marketing experts believe Drake and Canopy Growth may have been able to skirt around advertising restrictions that have plagued Cannabis branding since legalization.

Since Drake is a majority owner of More Life Growth Co. he is not technically being paid by Canopy Growth and therefore can promote his own company through his Instagram and other social channels. With over 50 million followers on his Instagram, and over 13 billion YouTube views, Drake has the ability to engage a large audience.

Drake & Cannabis 2.0

Cannabis 2.0 is here, and shortly products will begin to hit the shelves in cannabis retail outlets, dispensaries, and head shops across the Canada. While cannabis flower strains have dominated the sales channel, there could be a far larger market for a celebrity like Drake to exploit.

Drake himself has already released his own brand of Virginia Black Whiskey in collaboration with Brent Hocking, and Canopy Growth has invested a lot towards Cannabis 2.0 products including edibles, CBD and THC Drinks, and vapes. This is where More Life Growth Co. may become a market leader since these Cannabis 2.0 products are far more accessible from a new user standpoint if they do not like to smoke.

Drake is no stranger to chic, designer branding for clothing, accessories, and his Whiskey, which was aimed towards a high-end, luxury audience. For a chic accessories brand like ourselves, Accoutrements couldn't be more excited to welcome Drake!


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