What Makes us a Conscious Cannabis Brand?

Let’s be real. At the end of the day cannabis is still a schedule 1 drug in the majority of the world. With that, comes the pre-existing notions of what it is, what it does and who uses it. And although cannabis has become more normalized in the recent years, because of legalization pushes across Canada and the United States, the overall not so savoury perceptions generally still stand. At Accoutrements we acknowledge those facts and have woven them into the fabric of our brand. So, what exactly makes Accoutrements a conscious cannabis brand?

1) Perception - What Will People Think? 

Perception is an unavoidable facet of life. At Accoutrements we are conscious of that reality and understand the importance of reputation within families, social circles and work groups. We are conscious of societal constraints and acknowledge the damaging impacts negative perceptions can have on someones life.

Presenting the Concealer Case™.

The Concealer Case was designed to be discreet, but still beautiful; functional but still decorative. It is not only meant to be a safe place to store your products but also doubles as a chic decorative item that can be left out in the open, with no fear of judgment when company comes over.

2) We are Conscious of Risks - What if I Get Caught? 

We understand, getting caught is still a legitimate fear and products branded with pot leaves, questionable looking pipes and containers that emit odours don’t help to make that fear any less pressing. At Accoutrements we are conscious of those risks and understand why mitigating that risk is important for those who need to be discreet about their cannabis consumption.

Presenting the Herb Grinder. 

Our cannabis grinders were intentionally designed to mimic modern home décor. The sleek design and neutral colouring ensure that they fit nicely into everyday life and seamlessly blend into the space around them. In addition to being beautiful, functionality was also top of mind when creating the grinders. These customizations resulted in a product that is the best grinder you’ll ever purchase (see upcoming post), conceals odours, and substitutes as a chic coffee table accent.


Have any other suggests or something to add? Let us know in our comments section! 

As always, happy grinding! 

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