Dynasty Pre-Rolled Cones (6 Pack)

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Product Description

Elevate your smoking experience using our signature Dynasty Pre-Rolled Cones. These easy-to-fill cones ensure a well-rolled joint every time regardless of if you're a new or existing user.

Product Details

Pack of 6 individual cones
85mm long, 30mm crutch cover
Made from all natural palm pulp
Tasteless edible hempseed ink
Ultra thin, slow burning

    Best Practices

    Grind flower (with a tool such as our Lotus or Pineapple grinders).
    Use fingers to place ground flower into each cone.
    Pack down the flower with a poke tool until the flower is lightly compressed. Leave 3-5mm of space after packing.
    Twist the excess paper at end of the cone to seal it off.