Here Are The 15 Little Things Women We Surveyed Said They Can’t Live Without.

Trust me, we feel you, the pandemic has been challenging to say the least. And while the world, and we all did our part to keep our most vulnerable safe, unfortunately that meant that most if not all of our usual care rituals were suspended for months.

For the better part of 2020 our nails were chipping, our roots were showing, our hair was growing and growing and growing…but somehow, like the rockstars we are, we got through it and continued to look fabulous in spite of it.

Here are some of the little things 15 women surveyed said they couldn’t live without.

“My Apple watch. Does that count?”

Ayotola O, age 26

“I must take bubble baths to keep from descending into madness.😆”

Renee L, Forever 21

“I love my TheraVolt Massager. The Theracane on Amazon is a good alternative as well that’s under $20!”

Breanna H, age 34

“My Incense fountain! It reduces stress and promotes relaxation.”

Anju, age 33

“My NYC nail polish. No chips and my nails still look half decent.”

Tracy, age 48

“My Indian healing clay mask! Great for my hair and skin.”

Auri P, age 29

“Not sure if this counts but I stopped using foundation and just use BB cream. It’s so smooth and silky and leaves you looking fresh all the time.”

Sandra M, age 31


Marisa K, age 30

“Does a bullet journal count? I’ve been using one lately to help stay on track with goals and tasks!”

Alliy F, age 26

“I would have to say my treadmill. It’s actually so calming to me.”

Nera G, age 37

“My cuticle oil. All the hand washing dried out my hands. My nail beds need hydration!”

Heidi F, age 33

“Weed lol”

Katie W. age 35

“Probably my Revive smoothies. They deliver ready to blend and are amazing, just making it so much easier to get your fill of fruits and veggies!”

Petra D, age 31

“I’m kind of obsessed with my new moisturizer.”

Ari T. age 32

My hair mask. It’s done wonders keeping my hair hydrated and healthy.

Jen R, age 47

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