About Us

Accoutrements is a conscious cannabis lifestyle brand made for the modern smoker, and the modern home. Our mission is to create chic, elegant, and premium accessories that blend the space between cannabis and home décor. Our team is committed to elevating the perceptions around cannabis, and echoing that through our products.

We also believe that sustainability is the responsibility of all brands and strive towards 100% sustainability in all our products. Every piece of our products are designed to be functional with minimal waste and can be displayed as a natural addition to the space we all call home. 

Who We Are

My name is Heidi am I'm the founder of Accoutrements. When coming up with the concept of Accoutrements I wanted to create something that would be reflective of who I am and how I live my life. I believe that consuming cannabis is a normal part of life and I’m committed to changing the narrative and perceptions around its consumption.

I am a global citizen that loves to travel, eat, and experience new adventures, and I hope to infuse that energy into Accoutrements. My mission is to create beautiful and sustainable products that I would use and display in my household, and to share that experience with others who also include cannabis as a part of their lifestyle.

With Love,