The Reign Extender™

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The ultra sophisticated 14K gold plated Reign Extender™ is the the ultimate addition to any cannabis consumers repertoire.

Using cutting edge technology, each piece is 3D printed piece and designed to perfectly hold a joint with a standard size filter. This showstopper is topped with a 100% Sterling Silver crown and is plated on non-carcinogenic brass for long lasting use and safety. 

Perfect for use in the bath or to pass around a circle with friends, this piece not only provides an added layer of hygiene but unparalleled luxury.

5" from mouth piece to crown
4cm opening for joint

Special note: this product is bespoke and can be customized per order with the base available in either rose gold or gold plated options. 


This product is intended for use only with legal smoking herbs.

Smoking may be harmful to your health. This product will not be sold to minors.